Behavioral Systems Group

Behavioral Systems is a new special interest group at Bescy, for people interested in the intersection of behavioral science and systems analysis (formal systems thinking methods, systems dynamics, agent-based modeling and complex adaptive systems, social network analysis, etc.).  

The goal is to resources and ideas, talk about methods, and hopefully find jobs or collaborators for cool projects. We're new, but we have both Meetups (first one: Feb 7th), and an email/web based listserv for discussion.  

If you're interested in learning about future events from the group, please join the discussion list, and/or Bescy's overall mailing list and select "Besci and Systems" as one of your interests.  

Want to learn more about Systems Analysis?

Our friends at Busara (a sponsor of Bescy and fellow non-profit) have shared some starter resources about the systems analysis: what it is and where you can find more. Anyone can comment and suggest new resources to add to the list.